gluten-free-recipes & grain-free-recipes that fit with your life …

I believe gluten-free-recipes & grain-free-recipes can be simple, delicious & joyful. Meals you can prepare that use seasonal, easy to find, affordable & accessible ingredients.

I eat to be well … protein that works for me, veges, green stuff, good fats, some fruit, drink water when I am thirsty and enjoy life.   No labels here … I simply eat what works for me. This space is about good food that fits with your life. Click HERE for another great recipe. xx tania

Small Cake

we believe in good food … making products beautiful, simple to use and joyful is part of our DNA … food for you … food for every body

My focus & passion is to give you back control – sharing along the way how a handful of ingredients – not dozens or 100′s of recipes – can become your best friend in your pantry and your kitchen. We believe the same when handcrafting our range of gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free & egg-free cake, biscuit and bread mixes.  Keeping it simple we have developed a handful of products that are healthful, functional, delicious and filled with the joy of baking.  Your food choices are our priority and we love delivering food every body loves no matter their food allergy and intolerance’s. We believe in doing our best. Feel great about your choices and simply stay true to yourself!