I know one of the hardest challenges for most of us when travelling around is figuring out what to pack for the road when you live a gluten-free, grain-free life. Over the next 12 months I will chronicle my time on the road & the food choices I make that are gluten-free & grain-free, to help me stay fed, happy & healthy.[/quote]

What happens when you have eaten everything you packed, licked the bowls clean, squeezed the last drop of home made puree from your little Mashie (my favourite reusable food pouch), bitten your nails, threatened to eat the kids and you just need to eat some good food?

What about the times when it is simply not convenient to pack travel food … no ice, no electricity, no way to prep food, ran out of time to prep, jumping on a plane …

You will find articles, photographs, brands I choose (unpaid & unsolicited), label reading information, hints & tips that I hope will help you out of a jam when you get “stuck”.

This series is NOT about walking around the outside of the supermarket Рit will be all about walking over the entire place and seeing what I can find to eat that will fit with my life, keep me sane, feed my body and make sure I get to my next meeting happy and healthy.  

This is me doing the BEST I can do with what I have available.

We all need to run into the nearest supermarket, service station, corner store or health food store to grab healthy gluten-free & grain-free convenience foods on the run.  They are a big part of the communities we live in, visit and travel to.

I hope this helps you along your journey

xx tania