This is a story about 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf…….. the one hidden in the bag……

I found these three little pigs and the big bad wolf at my local supermarket.  There it was lurking under colourful packaging and pictures of happy pigs roaming free in the long grass.

Why was I reading all the labels?

Well it all started when I was asked at one of my workshops about bacon and why I don’t talk much about it.  Yep …. bacon.  OK I figured, interesting question so I thought I would explore it a bit more.

“Why are you concerned about me not talking about bacon?” I asked

Well, it is a wonderful food for Paleo people, affordable, easy and a quick option for breakfast, it’s a shame you didn’t include it in your cookbook….

I will talk about why I don’t label my food choices in a blog soon but right now……

let’s get back to the BACON!

I DO eat bacon

  • grass fed, free range
  • organically raised
  • ethically killed

My mate Paul who is a butcher – naturally smokes it for me after it has been cured in salt.

BUT What about OTHER bacon and how does the Big Bad Wolf fit into this story?

Well here are the wee little pig packets I found in the very huge Bacon Section at the supermarket.  See if you can find the big bad wolf! I have removed the brand details and just kept the ingredients.

If you are:

  • sugar free
  • not wanting to eat highly refined food
  • food that contains loads of additives
  • aluminium
  • anti-caking agents
  • refined white sugar; and
  • other stuff then supermarket bacon might not be for you.

LITTLE PIG #1 – SUPERMARKET BRAND  – Pork (87%), Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sucrose, Mineral Salts (450, 451, 452), Antioxidant (316), Preservative (250). Smoked.

  • Anything ending in “rose” is a sugar right?  Dextrose – from what I understand most of this comes from corn these days………. preservative 250 – well that is Sodium Nitrate.
  • The last bit …. SMOKED – what does that mean exactly?  Smoked with what?  Smoked where?
  • This packet comes with a huge ALLERGY warning: (all in upper case so you REALLY notice!) …. yikes


LITTLE PIG #2 – PRIVATE BRAND – Pork (95%), Salt, Stabilisers (450, 451, 452), Dextrose, Antioxidant (316), Preservative (250), Hydrolysed Maize Protein, Water. (marked as gluten free)

  • This product is marked as gluten-free.
  • The Antioxidant is Sodium Erythorbate – my research shows it comes from SUCROSE (another sugar).
  • And I am not going to talk about Hydrolysed Maize Protein except to say it comes from CORN!

LITTLE PIG #3 – PRIVATE BRAND – Pork (96.6%), Salt, Water, Mineral Salts (451,450,452), Sugar, Antioxidant (316), Preservative (250)Food Acids (330, 331), Anti- Caking Agents (170, 554).

  • This product was also marked gluten-free.  This product clearly showed it contains sugar – nothing special I would imagine – highly refined table sugar would be a good bet.  The Sodium Erythorbate slips in there again.
  • 170 is Calcium Carbonate – it does occur naturally.  The most common form of calcium carbonate is limestone.  Other forms include chalk, marble, corals and calcite.  Used lots in building and the paper industry.  Also a filler in rubbers and latex.
  • 554 is Sodium Aluminium Silicate – produced from several natural minerals, it is used in salt, dried milk substitutes, egg mixes, sugar products.

I visited a local cafe last week, the couple infront ordered extra bacon.  I was really shocked I guess to see just how much bacon was served, thinking all the time ….  I wonder what type of bacon that is, how many additives, do they know they are eating refined sugar?  

Anyway …… there are heaps of reasons I don’t eat bacon regularly, the three little pigs above are just some of them.  But you gotta decide for yourself.  Don’t believe me, do your own research and find out what works for you.