cooking-gluten-free-cooking-grain-freeLemons – lemons are just a wonderful addition to any kitchen.  I always have a lemon on hand.  A squeeze over a fresh salad, in cakes, over a bowl of oven roasted veges, over your chickpea flatbread or some extra over your hummus just gives everything freshness & the zing a ling needed to give an extra mile long smile on your face.

Salt – I only use good quality salt – not table salt that has been refined to within an inch of its life & packed with anticaking agents.  Unrefined salt tasted fantastic& truly is good for you.  Packed with all the same minerals your beautiful body is made up of & probably craves every day.  I always add the my salt at the end of cooking (not during) & let people season their own food to their own taste.

Black Pepper – hand down on of my favourites!  Peppercorns freshly ground are perfect, simple & very yummdiddloh!  I don’t use pre-mixed “flavoured” peppers or herb mixes – I am never really sure what they contain.  Stick to the basics. Keep a bottle of peppercorns in the pantry, get yourself a good grinder & enjoy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – A drizzle of olive oil on a salad, steamed vegetables, roasted pumpkin, oven roasted chicken is all pretty special.  When I am not eating it with lunch or dinner you can usually find me baking a chocolate cake with lashings of extra virgin olive oil.  Put yourself in the picture – you, a loaf of warm gluten-free-grain-free bread fresh from the oven, olive oil for dipping & a good glass of red wine.  Deeeeeeelish

Honey – easy – my all time favourite – roast a big dish of your favourite vegetables, remove them from the oven, add a sprinkling of salt, a good grind of pepper & lashings of honey & olive oil.  Serve & enjoy.

Apple Cider Vinegar – A touch of apple cider vinegar, honey, olive oil black pepper over your salad or roast vegetables will shake & wake up your food & your taste buds.  A dash in some water first thing in the morning gives your health a warm hug.  Try it.

Fresh Ginger – Easy as – grated over a salad & splashed with olive oil is supremo.  Fresh & warming.  Ginger aids digestion & is equally wonderful grated over warm stir fried vegetables or popped into a tea pot with hot water for the best ginger tea ever.  Be brave a little grated fresh ginger is wonderful.  Your taste buds & your tummy will sing along with you at the delight ginger is.