I love love love Hot Cross Buns – dates, cinnamon, warm butter, a cup of tea and the company of my wonderful husband, close friends and family at Easter time.

These are my all time fave HCBs because they are easy, based on my gluten-free-bread-recipe (also grain-free, dairy-free, yeast-free & sugar-free), a cinch to make (I just whack everything in my old quad blade blender), bake and totally enjoy.

The cross – well I figure if I gave you some options you would choose the best for you and your family.  In this recipe I used coconut butter (this almost had the blender burning its little bottom out!) – remember you can buy a small jar from most health food stores these days – COCONUT BUTTER – not coconut oil – it will just slide right off!

I don’t reckon you need me to say much more than – BIG cuddles to you and all those you hold dear in your life.  THANK YOU for your continued belief in what I believe in.  Stay safe, play, laugh, giggle and be joyful.

xx Tania