This was just was just one of those mornings. All I had in the fridge was some yoghurt, left over mango from the day before, eggs and a passionfruit.  To the rescue was a lovely gluten-free-bread (grain & yeast free too) to make up this lovely breakfast.  A wonderfully quick and easy breakfast.  Using the stuff you already have in your pantry. xxx tania

I simply mixed up the Almond and Chia Bread Recipe, popped in a good teaspoon or so of lovely cinnamon, some grated ginger and instead of cooking the loaf of bread, I just plopped them into the fry pan and made a stack of pancakes.  Just like mum used to make…. well not quite……  But just as easy with a spoon and flip

I added a bit more water to the mix to thin it out and these were just fantastic.  The eggs and starch will help them bind and the chia seed keeps them bouncy and moist.

Heat your pan to medium heat, pop in some butter or coconut oil and away you go – the mix will cook just like normal pancakes.  Slightly bubble when they are ready to turn.  They bounce back when they are cooked.

Slip them onto a cooling rack until they are all done.  Then……..

  • I did them in layers (2 per person)
  • I popped a teaspoon of yoghurt down on the plate first (the pancake stays put)
  • blobbed on yoghurt, a dash of cinnamon, a wee bit more grated ginger, a sprinkling of coconut sugar (not needed though), and a few bits of mango (you could use banana, berries, anything you love)
  • plopped the next pancake on top of that and did it all again

This was totally satisfying, lovely with a warm cup of ginger tea and a nice sit in the sun.