I love chia seeds. Soaked chia seeds are a real treat and packed full of nutritious bits your body will love.

I have been soaking and eating chia seeds for 10 years and loved the first day in my cafe when we served it up with fresh fruit, housemade yoghurt and lovely warm cinnamon.

No body really knew what they were eating but I was so happy to have customer willing and happy to try new things.  There are tonnes of versions of soaked chia seed puddings, breakfasts etc all over the web these days.  I reckon, keep it simple, use ingredients you have, no need for additional superfoods and turning the chia gel into a work or art unless you really are into that kind of thing.

Throw it together and don’t worry what other people think!


  • 2 tablespoons Chia Seeds
  • ½ cup water
  • Yoghurt you decide how much
  • Spices you decide what and how much
  • Fruit you decide what and how much

Method for Soaking

In a bowl, pour water over the seeds and let stand for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally so that it becomes a yummy jelly

Some of my all time Favourites

Cinnamon, Yoghurt, Banana & Honey

To the soaked seeds (jelly), add 1 ripe chopped banana, a good spoonful of yoghurt, a dash of fresh cream (if you like) and a good squeeze of honey.

Ginger, Mango, Yoghurt

To the jelly add a bit of freshly grated ginger (remember to catch and add any ginger juice). The chia seeds will soak up the liquid and take on the lovely fresh ginger flavour. Add to this mix, freshly chopped mango and a
good blob of yoghurt.

Berries & Cream

To the jelly add freshly chopped strawberries and blueberries. Add a good dash of cinnamon and finish off with a big swig of fresh cream.

Fruit & Chia Puree

After soaking, I simply add the jelly to my blender and put in lots of the fruit I love. A bit of ginger, cinnamon, anything you fancy really. Some ice in summer is good to provide a nutrient dense cool drink anytime of the day.