Hey there, I recently visited a organic cafe when travelling through QLD – enjoying my coffee I asked what gluten-free grain-free options they had in their display (which looked fantastic!)

The owner told me they had a lot of gluten-free options and was really excited to let me know they use only gluten free organic SPELT flour for their baking.

Spelt is wheat and Spelt CONTAINS gluten (essentially the protein in Spelt are the same as the protein in modern bread wheat; only the amounts are slightly different).  In some cases eating

Spelt may not produce any visible symptoms in some Coeliac’s or people who are gluten intolerant or have gluten sensitivity (I like to call everything other than Coeliac Disease “gluten disorder”).

She was lovely about it and soon realised that she didn’t have all the facts about gluten free flours and has now set out on a path to really understand what gluten free is.  She let me know that she had researched heaps of recipes online before opening and was really happy to have found so many gluten free recipes using Spelt online…………

I am planning another visit for sure and am pretty confident the gluten free options will be awesomely good (we are working on a grain free snack for her customers at the moment – yippee!)

xxx Tania